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About As-Salaf Website

It is obligatory for every Muslim to be concerned with correcting one's beliefs, purifying it from any flaws or defects, and making it firm in the heart. And with the spreading of many heresies and false doctrines on the Internet, it has become obligatory upon the people of knowledge and its seekers to clarify the correct aqeedah (beliefs) that are derived from shari'ah texts (Quran and Sunnah) with the understanding of the Pious Salaf (predecessors); and respond to any doubts surrounding it. This is the goal of this website.

1. The articles on this website are divided into three categories:

a. Articles that establish matters of belief, depending upon:
  • Evidence from the Quran, and authentic Sunnah (Hadith).
  • Authentic statments from the Pious Salaf.
  • Statements of scholars who came after them.

b. Articles that refute doubts.

c. Scholars' biographies, especially that of the Pious Salaf.


Important notices:

  1. There will be no biographies for the well-known scholars, such as the four Imams, al Bukhari ... etc. as they are already well-known and their biographies are already available online. We will only have a compilation of their statements on matters of belief in this website, insha Allah.
  2. For information regarding the references used in this website, please go to this web page: Site References
  3. All of the articles and refutations are prepared by us, unless stated otherwise.
  4. We are totally committed to attribution, to protect copyrights and accuracy of sources, however, should there be any unintentional mistake or if you discover an error, kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we are able to correct it promptly. You will earn the reward of good advice and guidance inshaa Allaah.
  5. As-Salaf website is an effort by individual volunteers and has no affiliation or connection to any educational or governmental institution.