Uthman Ad-Darimi (d. 280 H.)
The biography of Imam al-Hafidh Uthman bin Sa`eed Ad-Darimi, who passed away year 280 Hijri.


The Meaning of "Fi as-samaa" in Ayah (67:16) & The Hadith of The Slave Girl
This article consists of the following:

- The meaning of "fi as-sama" in the ayah and hadith of the Slave Girl (Jariyah).
- "Who" in the ayah refers to whom?

Aqidah of the Salaf by Abu Zurah Ar-Razi (d. 264 H.)
The Aqeedah of the Pious Salaf as stated by Imam Abu Zur`ah Ar-Razi and Abu Hatim Ar-Razi.


Allah's Elevation & Istiwa above the Throne (1): The Belief
An aritlce that explains briefly the belief of the pious salaf, ahl assunnah, in regards to Allah's Istiwa and elevation over His creation, supported by the Quran, Sunnah, and authentic statments from the pious salaf.


The Obligation of Following The Pious Salaf

This article consists of the following:

- Definition of "As-Salaf".
- Who are the Pious Salaf ?
- Evidences for the obligation of following their path from the Quran, Sunnah, and reason.
- Statments by the Pious Salaf, and the Scholars who came after them, regarding this matter.


The Meaning of La Ilaha Illallah
The article consists of the following:

- Some virtues of La Ilaha Illallah.
- The meaning of the word "Ilah"
- The interpretation of the ayah: {And it is He Who is God (Ilah) in the Heavens and God in the Earth} [43: 84]
- The meaning of "La ilaha Illallah".


Introduction to the Beliefs of the Salaf in the Attributes of Allah
This article consists of the following:
- The 3 foundations of the methodology of the pious salaf in Allah's Attributes.
- The Belief in the Attributes is the same as the Belief in the Essence.
- Tawil is the way of the Khalaf
- Authoring on the Creed of the Pious Salaf


Explaining TASHBEEH In Regards to the Attributes of Allah
The article on Tashbih consists of the following:

- Definition of "Tashbeeh"
- Explaining what Tashbeeh in Allah's Attributes is.
- Ruling on Tashbeeh
- From the signs of the innovators is them calling ahl Assunnah: Mushabbihah.

Belief in the Throne of Allah
This article consists of the following:

- Definition of "Arsh" (Throne) in the Arabic language.
- The Throne of Allah
- Belief in the Throne
- Description of the Throne.


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